Slight problem with my bike after long ride.

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Hey guys

I just did a 60 mile ride, and it was superb. Average speed was 16.8 over some pretty hilly roads. One problem though. I fell off at one point (clipless pedals still havn't become quite 2nd nature). After I got back up my brake levels/gear shifters had bent over a bit, the whole thing did, so I righted them and set off thinking everything was fine. However my rear derailleur was taking ages to select the highest gear/smallest cog...literally like 3 or 4 seconds and eventually after a while wouldn't go into it at all. Nothing wrong with any other aspect of the bike, I was just wondering how to fix this, if anyone has any ideas?

Had a great ride apart from that. Tough, with headwinds the whole way back but I enjoyed it.

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