Rear shock mounting kit and Bush sizes.

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Rear shock mounting kit and Bush sizes.

Postby nicklouse » Wed Jul 27, 2011 17:35 pm

1)Eyelet Dimension. The brand of shock determines if you need a 12 or 12.7mm Mount Kit. If your brand isn’t listed you need to measure the internal diameter of the eyelet bushing (after removing the mount kit).

Eyelet Bushing Internal Diameter
Fits these shock brands (this is not a comprehensive list)
12.7 mm (1/2") Fox / 5th Element / Romic Avalanche / Giant NRS / RockShox Bar '03-'04, Vivid/Monarch '08+, Ario '10+

12.0 mm Manitou / RockShox Pearl/Ario/MC3 '05-'09
12.0 mm Specialized own brand shocks/X-Fusion (thinner spacers so custom-made mount kits only)
10.0 mm RockShox '96-'02

2) Mount Kit Dimensions (e.g. M8x22). Mount kits are available with 6, 8 or 10mm bolt hole diameter (3/8" option on Santa Cruz) and various widths from 15.8 - 80mm to match your frame. So an M8x22 has a 8mm hole with 22mm overall width. Photos below show how to measure your existing mount kit or frame.


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