Removing the spring from a RS MoCo stack

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Removing the spring from a RS MoCo stack

Postby nicklouse » Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:30 pm

(disclaimer: I do not know how easy it is to put the spring back, so try at own risk)

You simply unscrew the right top cap and take the damper assembly out. (no need to remove the remote-spool) It will be a bit oily but if you give it a minute to drip the oil loss will be negligible. Air pressure can remain on the other leg. Just make sure your bike stays upright and doesn't spill its damper oil.

Now you have a motion control damper in your hand, the return spring is clearly visible inside the red Swiss-cheese. Taking it out can be done by removing the Swiss-cheese from the top cap. They are screwed together, but, take careful notice, opposite to the top-cap/fork-leg interface.

So, unscrewing the top-cap from the Swiss-cheese is done by turning it clockwise! Clamp the Swiss-cheese carefully and unscrew the top-cap. (takes a little force) When taking off the top-cap the return spring simply falls out.

Re-assemble everything and your motion control is now effectively non-remote with a remote-spool on it.

To allow the blue spool to keep in position adding an O ring under it to give some friction can help, or purchase a friction spool for it.

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