Would you expect a brand new tire to have hole?

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Would you expect a brand new tire to have hole?

Postby AndyH01 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 18:33 pm

Hi apologies wasn't sure where to post this.

Brought a brand new G One tubeless tire from one of big online retailers.

Fitted to rim seated no problems left overnight came back to it, flat. Pumped back up and put in large tray and found there's a small hole seeping air.

Contacted retailer they want pictures etc. Fair enough.

I'm sure sealant would fix it but for £35 new tire I wouldn't expect there to be a hole? Tire not been near floor.
is it worth exchanging or accept it and may be a bit 9f credit.

Likewise the tubeless repair kit, glue has a small hole and has leaked out in the box appears the rimming tool punctured it £4 maybe just replace the glue or 3xchange the kit?

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