What to bring

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What to bring

Postby DomDT » Thu Jul 04, 2019 02:21 am

What should I bring when going mountain biking and how should I carry these items?

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Re: What to bring

Postby Lagrange » Thu Jul 04, 2019 05:28 am

A pump on the frame with maybe a water bottle. A bag under the seat with tyre levers and a spare tube and a multi tool. You don't need anything else.

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Re: What to bring

Postby figbat » Thu Jul 04, 2019 07:25 am

It depends what type of mountain biking, in what terrain, what weather and how far you are going. For a short ride (40 km or so) over mixed terrain (mostly bridlepaths and byways around the Ridgeway) I take:

- saddlebag with a tube, levers, CO2 and multitool (this is always on the bike and I am set up tubeless)
- hydration pack (I would say "Camelbak" but it's a Kriega one) with pump and another tube
- in my jersey pockets are my phone (in a ziplock bag), garage door opener and some money
- on the stem/bars is a Wahoo Element Bolt and, when needed, a decent light (Hope R4+)

For a longer ride (up to 100 km so far) over the same terrain I'd add some food (NutriGrain bars usually) and a sports-type drink in a bottle on the bike, plus a small pack of spares (mech hanger, chain link, tyre repair kit) and maybe a waterproof layer if the weather is threatening.

In truth, since going tubeless (a couple of years ago) I have never needed to stop for a tyre-related incident. I have also never used the mech hanger or chain links. I have used the multitool very occasionally for adjustments. All I have really used is the water/drink and food plus the computer, lights, phone and money. The rest is insurance.

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Re: What to bring

Postby Long Time Lurker » Thu Jul 04, 2019 07:43 am

I have a small Camelbak hydration pack - in that I carry water (obviously), tyre levers, 2 inner tubes, multitool, pump, packable waterproof jacket and a couple of packs of haribo (just in case).
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Re: What to bring

Postby BillyCool » Thu Jul 04, 2019 09:03 am

DomDT wrote:What should I bring when going mountain biking and how should I carry these items?

Can depend where you are riding, for how long/distance and whether you are riding solo. Also, what country.

There have been some other similar threads recently. Try searching for those.

Personally, I use a CamelBak with water bladder and:

Spare tube
First aid kit (inc foil blanket)
Packable shower jacket
Small power bank
Multi-tool (inc chain splitter)
Cable ties
Chain link spares
25mm Gorilla tape
Gel pack (also can be used when empty to repair a split tyre)

Probably a few other things that I can't remember.

EDIT (Thanks to Steve Sordy) - I do also have spare brake pads

Steve - I'll happily tie you to a tree with my Gorilla tape and see how you get on. It works well on my tubeless set-up.
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Re: What to bring

Postby steve_sordy » Thu Jul 04, 2019 09:57 am

In addition to what Billy Cool carries, I also have a spare mech hanger, a pair of Gerber Multipliers (they complement the multi-tool perfectly), a set of brake pads, about five links of spare chain, a magic link, digital tyre pressure gauge, tyre patches (in case my spare inner subsequently gets a puncture), about half a dozen folded kitchen towels (various uses, from hand/nose/ars* wiping to wound dressings), painkillers, £10 note folded into an envelope, and finally a small cable lock with a 1-metre wire. I also have about three feet of Gaffer tape wrapped around my mini-pump. You can fix the universe with Gaffer tape. When I'm riding off-piste in my local area I take a folding saw. It is good enough to saw through 4" dia branches, or to act as a slasher for brambles and nettles.

From Billy Cool's list I don't carry: the first aid kit (very sensible though), power bank, Gorilla tape (I use Gaffer tape instead as it is wider and I suspect stronger).

All that lot goes inside my Camelbak MULE backpack, along with a 3-litre bladder (contents vary by season and planned ride). It has room to also take clothing items dependent upon the weather; waterproof, spare gloves, sunscreen, insect repellent etc.

It sounds a lot, I know. But I have used every single item on the list except the mech-hanger. Not all on the same trip, obviously; that would have been one hell of a trip! I would not carry them if I did not value their utility.

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Re: What to bring

Postby essex-commuter » Thu Jul 04, 2019 11:30 am

Cheese & pickle sandwiches.
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