La Marmotte 2019

Organising a chain gang? Entering a Sportive/Audax?
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Re: La Marmotte 2019

Postby ugo.santalucia » Mon Jul 08, 2019 15:08 pm

MTB-Idle wrote:I was in Cycle Republic today collecting some stuff along with some other random punter and while the counter staff were absent looking for our respective orders we got chatting.

He is riding an ultra endurance race from Vienna to Barcelona. 2,000 km over eight days although he somewhat optimistically (his view) would like to target six days :shock:

EDIT: Here we go ... race-2019/

There are more and more of these endurance long distance races, inspired by Mike Hall's TCR. I can see the lure, I'm probably not there mentally (yet)... I kind of enjoy a very long day, but I am still unsure about multi day with 300 km + a day.
I have a guaranteed entry for LEL 2021, but I will probably volunteer to help instead... it's kind of more fun :wink:

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