Autumn Epic 2011

Organising a chain gang? Entering a Sportive/Audax?
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Ron Stuart
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Autumn Epic 2011

Postby Ron Stuart » Tue Oct 04, 2011 16:50 pm

Anyone do the event this year if so how was it :?:

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Postby JamesB » Tue Oct 04, 2011 18:44 pm

No didn`t do it but for once waether was great :)

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I did it...

Postby Milkmaid » Wed Oct 05, 2011 09:21 am

I did it and loved it. Great hills, scenery and food. Well organised. But why so many grumpy people cycling that could hardly be bothered to say hello to each other?

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Autumn Epic 2011

Postby WorcsPhil » Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:52 am

Agree with Milkmaid, but for a bit more detail..., weather was cloudy but warm and still...pretty ideal, and it was a really scenic ride, but tough, mostly up and down all day, it reminded me a bit of the Forest of Dean sportive from May. The highlight of the longer 154kms route was the climb from Rhyader , the extremely barren section on the tops, then the fantastic descent and road around the Elan valley reservoirs, this fully justified the 90mins drive to get there. There was a big 20% climb up Glascym at about 120kms, which had many people walking, but a fast last 4kms meant that was all forgotton. Food stops were ok, and free tea and sandwiches at the end was a good touch.

Overall, with a decent amount of riders (about 400) really quiet roads, good weather and a tough course, it was an excellent last sportive of the year. I'd recommend you keep an eye out next autumn

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Postby shropshirelad » Fri Oct 07, 2011 19:57 pm

I did it and really appreciated to good weather! I think the Autumn Epic is a classic event - just the right mix of tough, long hills then good stretches in between to help you recover. By 100km+ it feels like most people are just hanging on for the finish. Friendly event with chats along the way. Motocycle outriders are a nice touch - I punctured and one stopped to see if I was OK - nice when you're out on a welsh mountain by yourself. The hot food at the end didn't happen this year but the organisers have subsequently explained/apologised. I've already marked the date for next year.

The Hills:

First one after 20km - steep early on, an intro to what is coming

Second one - I think about 45km (Abbey something) - long, not too steep.

Then you get to Rhayader, food stop and then up the long, long hill towards the Elan valley. This hill has some steepish bits early on, has spectacular scenery and just goes on and on and on. Surprised people even notice the beauty of the Elan valley I'm usually cream crackered by then!

After that you roll along over some lumpy bits - probably nothing really but your legs are shot so every rise seems a challenge.

And then you get a big hill before the 2nd food stop and then:

Glascym is the killer hill. But if you zig-zag up it's much easier - my Garmin showed 13% gradient as I zig-zadded up it - easier than going straight up at 25%!

Good long ride after that with further rises causing you pain and then a final last climb - not very steep but longish, and then you fall into Knighton and finish.

It's an Epic.

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