Swiss Alps trip

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Swiss Alps trip

Postby DaveP1 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 12:09 pm

Hi all, possibly organising a trip to the Swiss Alps for 4 days next summer, for some friends and I. We'll probably drive down in two cars, so won't have the worry and faff of bike boxes airports and transfers either end.

I think the western side of the country looks really good; we have all ridden the Stelvio so new ground for us all makes sense.
I've driven over the Gotthard Pass quite often, but haven't ridden the Gotthard (Tremola) road, which would be a must for me, even without the loop that includes the Furka and Nufenen passes. If we stayed in Andermatt, that would be possible, along with the Grimsel-Gotthard-Susten loop, and maybe the Lago di Naret climb or the Klausen Pass and Oberalp.

I would also like to ride Grosse Scheidegg and Col du Sanetsch, but I think both would involve driving to them, or maybe staying nearer them for a night or two.

Does anyone have experience of Switzerland, could suggest routes or places to stay?

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Re: Swiss Alps trip

Postby ronnierocket » Wed Oct 09, 2019 19:32 pm

I was nearly going to the Swiss alps recently but eventually changed to Morzine because of the flights, however I was looking at staying in Gstaad and doing the following couple of routes.

I found this website quite usefull for recommendations

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Re: Swiss Alps trip

Postby DaveP1 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:47 am

Thanks, will add them in to the discussion!

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Re: Swiss Alps trip

Postby Term1te » Fri Oct 11, 2019 13:45 pm

Greetings from Switzerland!

You can't really go wrong cycling over here (unless you try), as long as the weather is kind. I spent a week cycling through Northern Italy and Switzerland earlier this year. Some great scenery and few nice climbs...

Staying in Andermatt is a good move, the Furka, Nufenen, Tremola loop is the classic, and well worth the effort

If you are moving about, the route from Andermatt to Spiez is another classic, especially if someone else is driving your stuff for you. The Sustan and Grosse Scheidegg, and then down to Grindalwald will test your legs.

If you can brave the tourists, Luzern is worth a visit, especially if you sneak off for an afternoon

Just prepare yourself for sticker shock, and bring any spares you might need with you. I paid the equivalent of £10 for an inner-tube in Andermatt. £5 for a small bottle of water at the top of the Grosse Scheidegg.

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Re: Swiss Alps trip

Postby Longshot » Fri Oct 11, 2019 13:48 pm

I did Switzerland last year and stayed for a couple of days in Leysin. We did a circular route over to Gstaad and back via the Col de Pillon and Route des Mosses which was nice if not killing.

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