Where are there good dirt jumps near Liverpool?

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Where are there good dirt jumps near Liverpool?

Postby bhavisenthitselvan » Sun Sep 08, 2013 23:31 pm

Hello ladies and gentlemen

I need help on finding a good dirt jump place near Chester or as i have put, Liverpool. The reason is because i'm a uni student in Chester and having looked for places in Cheshire for dirt jumps, there doesn't seem to be any. So' i have broadened my search to Liverpool.

If there are some in Manchester i don't mind as well.

I'm just a beginner but i do want a variety of dirt jumps not a small trail with a few jumps as its not worth it to travel and it doesn't improve my experience as much.

I really need some links with this because i have tried Extreme Sports Map on the web and its coming up with some small trails.


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Re: Where are there good dirt jumps near Liverpool?

Postby Wormishere1 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 08:00 am

There are great BMX tracks in Crewe (about 20mins from Chester on the train) and Manchester...there maybe some good run of 'proper' dirt jumps in Delamere Forrest too but it is a long time since I was there.
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