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by SteadyRoadie
Fri Sep 13, 2019 19:11 pm
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Axle Wear
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Axle Wear


Noticed some wobble of the front chainring and upon removing the axle found a significant groove on one side where the axle is in contact with the PF30 bearing. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this please, is it common and what might have caused the wear to start.

by SteadyRoadie
Mon Jul 29, 2019 19:17 pm
Forum: Workshop
Topic: Wave Washer
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Wave Washer

Hi I was wondering if anyone has experienced the wave washer, that sits between the Bottom Bracket and the crank, failing in situ? And what the reason for a failure might be? Just experienced this myself. I check for movement of the cranks fairly regularly so didn’t think the washer should be experi...

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