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Ah, the joys of "I'm working from home today"!
Great result for T-Mobile (Bet they're getting amnesia already, Ulrich who?)Hammond played the perfect team mate to Burkhadt, a classic 1-2 giving Freire no chance. McEwan looked well pissed-off, won the bunch sprint with ease for a meagre 6th place.
Nasty, nasty crashes on the Kemmelberg, last time I popped over to see the TdF, I took the bike with me and rode over the beast, ye gods, how can they get over it!
Bad split lip and scraped cheek bone for Caspar, the cobbles seemed to be covered in fine dust, making them as slippery - if not more so - as if they were soaked.

Remember that you are an Englishman and thus have won first prize in the lottery of life.
Remember that you are an Englishman and thus have won first prize in the lottery of life.


  • EchappeeEchappee Posts: 79
    With the carnage on the Kemmelberg today and the havoc its caused in the past, is it perhaps time to leave it out of the parcours? I'm a big fan of pave but the descent from the top just seems to be too dangerous. And it was dry today....
  • campagchriscampagchris Posts: 773
    It wouldn't be the same without the kemmelberg,besides I think bad bike riding had something to do with it,riders were panicking,its not as if they don't know its there.None of the leaders had any problems.Maybe the field was too large,but its like saying the cobbles are dangerous in Paris-Roubaix lets take them out.I dont want to see riders badly hurt but I don't want to see tradition taken away either.
    Fantastic ride by Roger Hammond by the way.
  • I read in an article that people are saying that for the speed of today's peloton, the kemmelberg is just too steep a descent...i dont buy that, these guys are pros, slow down, or work on your handling, but i agree, it would be like taking the cobbles out of roubiax, classics are not just classics because of their titles, but because of what they are made of, taking out the kemmelberg just is not an option.

    Give me pave or give me death!
    Give me pave or give me death!
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