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Numb feet - still!

StugwmbStugwmb Posts: 1,328
Sorry - bit of a repeater this...

Since switching to SPDs 18 months ago, I have never really had comfortable feet and just wondered if anyone had some suggestions, or suffers the same. So far taken the following action:

Changed the cleat position numerous times
Changed my cheap pedals (M520 or something) for CB Candys
Bought some good socks - MTB specific
Bought some decent SIDI shoes and tried numerous tension settings
Adjusted seat height a few times (following suggestion from 2 Pure)

Now running CB Mallets (thought the large platform might help), SIDI shoes, but still get the numbness on the outside of my foot. I've even tried cycling with my knees tucked into the frame more, to shift the weight to the inside of my foot.

It seems to be related to the tread on the bottom of the shoes (it rests right under a nerve on my foot). Do you think I should cut the tread off, considering these shoes are virtually brand new!?

Now tempted to sell all my pedals and buy some XTR (specially considering the price of them now) in the hope that they don't add pressure to the same point.

Anyway, sorry for running on, but any suggestions are welcome - I'm a desperate man!

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