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  • rite i need help, i cant decide whether to buy more tacky tires for my GT as im takin it to spain its new home. ive also bought a coiler for this country and it came with maxxis dh tires, ive changed the front tire off my old gt to that as it was a panaracer FR2.4 more suited to mud. i have panaracer dh on the back of my gt. just wondering whether u think the panaracer dh pro will stick to the rocks etc in spain? or do i swap the back tire on the coiler to. it sounds pretty complicated but bassically im after which one is better for dusty conditions and which is good for mud. the tyres are maxxis minion dh on the coiler. cheers if anyone can help
  • If you want a good tyre to run with plenty of grip, use the swamp things they are imence, i bin running um with really low pressure but as most other people said it depends on condtions. You dont want to run really low tyre presuures down fort bill cause the rim would die. Any who MAXXIS BEST TYRES!

  • I'm after some new mud tyres for the DH bike, I've decided on 2.35 swampthings. I'm just not sure on which compund to get. The tyres are only gonna be used in the gloop, so I can't really see why getting super tackys over 60a's would aid grip and traction. In the gloop and mud that is, I can understand it in the dry.

    Having never owned a pair of supertacky mud/wet weather sort of tyres I don't know what to think...

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    Supertackies are the most use in the wet and mud. If your mud tyres aren't soft compound they'll just slide on contact with wet roots instead of gripping.

    In the summer you can get away with hard compounds, and still grip, in the winter you have to have the right compounds as it's certain to be wet.

  • Ah right, cheers. Supertackies it is then[:)]

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    For really deep claggy shit mud, Swampthings do little more than High rollers. However they are very good on wet courses with lots of roots and rocks.
    For the former riding conditions, ST Wetscreams are AMAZING. Its nearly like riding in the dry, and the softer compound isnt too unpredictable on the roots and rocks. Mainly best for slippy, soft mud and wet grass courses.

  • Yeh I would agree with the above, for wet courses with a bit of mud here and there,but which mainly consists of slippy rocks and roots i would go with slow reezay 40a high roller on the fornt and a supertaky swampthing both in 2.35 or 2.5 nothing larger, preferably 2.35. but in uber muddyness st wetscreams are great, but i would only use them if the mud is really really bad. I use the former and is great for mynyyd mojo (sp?) cwmcarn dh track and my local (leckhampton) trails which are extremly rocky and rooty in some sections.
  • Does anyone know how good maxxis advantage are? And how do the maxxis mobsters compare to minions?

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    The Advantages are XC tyres.

    Mobsters aren't as fast rolling as Minons, but will handle wet better. However, the mobsters aren't available in supertacky. Get highrollers instead.

  • All you need is Highrollers. No matter what i put them through they just pull me through every time.
    2.35 ST single-ply
    they are light and they roll fast and the grip like corr blimey!

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    Doublewall supertackies grip better and are far more resistant to sidewall tears and pinchflats. Singlewall tyres are for cross country and 4X.

  • oh, well thats good cos thats what i use them for...

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  • how do dual-ply tyres grip better anyway? with the same compound and identical tread they will grip identically if you run them at the same pressure.

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    The tyre behaves better as it deforms, rolls around on the rim less. It keeps the grippy part of the tread pointing at the ground.

    That's a non-issue at above 35 psi, but drop to 25-30 and there's a big difference. The singlewall will be making its way off your rim and exposing the sidewall to the ground, the doublewall will be holding the tread against the ground and gripping.

  • steve21steve21 Posts: 11
    it took me 6 types of tyres to find the right 1 for me

  • experiment with different tire setups ;)

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    A few very nice little tips in here =o

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    Just get Kenda kinetics or kolossals (2.35) they are both great all round tyres and have massive amounts of grip. if your riding more wet mud than dry stuff then go for the kolossals, but if your riding on a muddy surface with a harder surface underneath then go for the kinetics.

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    ok I have read the whole thing and i am very comfused as to what to get so hear is my situation
    I have œ35 to spend on a set of tyres suitible for mostly downhill but will need to do some light crosscountry.
    In sunny spain where the bike will live permanently and it never rains. Proof all the river beds are dry all year many have car parks and football pitches in them. It is very rocky and sandy. I weigh 8 1/2 stone. what do you suggest?
  • AlexAlex Posts: 2,224
    Maxxpro (60a) Minions in 2.35". At 8 1/2 stone you'll probably get away with singlewall too.

  • jgb_bredonjgb_bredon Posts: 31
    What about what you have said on the front and a Nokian NBX Downhill Gum Wall on the back as i have always had a soft spot for Nokian
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    I have no idea about nokians. Only ones i've ever used are the godawful gazzalodis before I realised maxxis did everything better.

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    MICHELIN DH16 TYRES ROCK! :twisted:
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    I'm sorry but i can't be bothered to read all 8 pages... Only 1 simple question anyway.

    If you're too poor to buy loads of tires, run low pressures in the wet (more tire on the ground =more grip) and high pressure (less rolling resistance) in the dry?

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    As a general rule, a lower pressure will mean the sidewalls of the tyres will deflect more and give a larger footprint of contact patch on the ground surface. However, there are some inherent problems with running the tyre under or over inflated;

    Running under-inflated -
    The tyre is likely to wear out more quickly, especially on the shoulders
    The sidewalls are more susceptable to snake-bite punctures from getting trapped between a hard surface (i.e. a rock) and the rim
    The casing is more likely to fail due to over-flexing
    More chance of it coming off the rim - especially if it is run tubeless
    Increased rolling resistance

    Running over-inflated -
    The tyre is likely to wear out more quickly, especially in the centre
    The tyre will provide less natural suspension leading to a harsher ride

    Tyres are designed to be run at a certain pressure so check with the individual manufacturer. Some riders will state that they run wierd and wonderful combinations of tyres at varying pressures on their bikes and swear by them but you can only play about with these things to suit your own needs through experimentation yourself! :)
  • also maxxis have made a hollyroller for hard soil, hardpack and hardclay (the dirtjump type stuff) its on chainreaction looks great if you use you DH bike for comuting for some reson
    http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/Mode ... delID=5846
    at 17 quid they are dirt cheep annd seem gode for the hardcore hardtail market
    stephen hall
  • Alright, so I'm looking at getting some Maxxis Minions 2.5's.

    I weight 10 stone and I ride in the UK, which as you probably know, is sometimes dry, well mostly. Anyway, I ride loose gravel and wooded areas, so what do you recomend? I want to get the maxpro so they last longer...
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  • No ideas?
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  • At all?
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