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Cool clothing and cycle skirts

errecaldiaerrecaldia Posts: 41
I'm trying to find cool clothing for biking at 30° and above. There's far too much sweaty Lycra around! Ideally a sleeveless top to avoid tan lines, and for the same reason, I'd love to find a cycling skirt which doesn't have the usual shorts built in reaching down the thighs. I have a very old Nike Dryfit skirt with knickers rather than shorts which is excellent but is now faded and beyond the pale.

Any pointers gratefully received :)



  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,311
    edited 29 July
    I find that Endura do some fantastic bike clothing (I'm into mtb not road). Loose fit, wicking, windproof, waterproof, you name it they've got it. I honestly don't know if they do skirts as I haven't been looking! :* But they may do, ask them.

    PS: Don't restrict yourself to just "cycle clothing". Other sports have the same needs ay you do and make clothing accordingly. So running or climbing may be suitable places to look. Maybe also some of the "fitness" type gear may fit the bill, like Pilates for example.
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,248
    Have you looked at Tennis Skirts? They have built in short shorts. Or Netball Skorts are the same. Plenty of options. Obviously they are unpadded but you can get padded knickers to wear underneath.
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