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TDF 2021: Stage 13, Nîmes > Carcassonne 219.9 km **Spoilers**



  • m.r.m.m.r.m. Posts: 2,430

    We need somebody on the ground...

    Tony Martin was way ahead of you.

    PTP Champion 2019
  • Lanterne_RogueLanterne_Rogue Posts: 3,331
    RichN95. said:

    dabber said:

    Morkov comes across and a really classy and nice guy.

    He also comes across someone who knows his excellence and gently reminds you of it in a quite passive way.
    He's also one of those that thinks quite a bit - he's not getting carried away with the Cavendish hype, and his view on what's going on with this tour is both interesting and considered.

    I get the impression he's enjoying seeing Cavendish up close though. Both of them can talk for ages about the way a sprint unfolded, so you can see how they might get on.
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 57,846 Lives Here

    Avondettape has Marcel Kittel on, the respect he is showing is really lovely to see.

    As an aside he's totally fluent in Dutch.

    Could have done without 10 minutes of Dutch lockdown corona chat in that.
  • TheBigBeanTheBigBean Posts: 14,362
    Renshaw analysis

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