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Wilier Cento 10

Anyone own one ? Looking at the ones on sale at Merlin - interested in opinions and also sizing especially what size riders 6-6'3 went for. Thanks
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  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,528
    I'll answer my own question - I'm just under 6'2 and found a size chart on the Wilier site which suggests that's the cut off between the XL and the XXL. The XL would give me a pretty low stack, probably too low without a few cm of spacers, the XXL is a little longer and taller than ideal. Shame as Merlin has them cheap, I like Campag and direct mount brakes would be a bonus.
    AFC Mercia women - sign for us
  • I looked at those sale ones at Merlin recently and came to the same conclusion on being between sizes - I'm 6'2 also...Also heard the headset spacers creak badly after a while.

    Merlin do however have a very lovely Argon 18 Gallium Pro with adjustable headset / mainly ultegra - just replace the fsa chainset in due course and put some decent wheels on and it's a world tour bike for £2.5k. The large size is perfect for me geometry wise.
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