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Di2 9070 - missing bits, but which one

ivanoileivanoile Posts: 202
edited 11 September in Road buying advice
Right now I have:

9070 Shifters
9070 Front derailleur
9070 F+R brakes

What am I missing to have a fully functional groupset? Bike is Dogma F8. I want to cut costs with maybe using Ultegra bits where I can, since as far as I understand they are compatible (6870 and 8050)

Rear derailleur - can it be Ultegra Di2?
Internal wires - long set
E-tube + charger
E-tube adapter for F8
Junction box?

Don't need chain and chainset*


  • Junction box x 2. One for under your stem (or in at the end of your handlebar) and the one that fits in the bottom bracket shell.

    Battery - you can pick up the non-bluetooth version for a little cheaper but this won't allow you to use the synchro-shift setting.

    You might also want the e-tube wireless receiver (EW-WU111) if you want to tune your gears using your phone.

    You can mix and match Dura Ace & Ultegra Di2 components. Anything from 6870 upwards I think.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 1,962
    Junction A and junction B. There are various varieties of junction A available - 3 port, 5 port or bar end. Best to get correct length wiring rather than just all longer ones.

    The EW-WU111 is worth putting in line somewhere in your system (mine is between battery and junction B in the seatpost - it doesn’t have to be external by the handlebars. You will need an extra short cable to plug it in-line between two components. The reason I say it’s worth it is the Bluetooth compatibility - it’s useful for using to scroll pages left and right on your head unit using the hidden buttons in your levers. You can also display which gear you are in on the display.

    Not sure what an e-tube adapter is for an F8? Do you mean a bar end junction A fitted in the down tube?

    If you don’t get it with a groupset buy, you will probably want suitable grommets to fit your frame where the cables enter/ exit and Shimano do little clip-on plastic lengths to stop the loose cables rattling in the frame. You could just buy a bag of small cable ties cheaply, which will do the same.

  • ivanoileivanoile Posts: 202
    By e-tube adapter, I thought about fitting the battery inside the seatpost, since F8 has that aero seatpost, so I need small adapter to fit it in. Also I received some other Di2 adapters with bike, but not this one for seatpost.

    Nonetheless, so it's recommended to get that wireless unit? And also isn't the option for wiring, only long for all internal? I saw some options, its usually short external/long external and long internal. (for a bundle I think)
  • phil485phil485 Posts: 329
    you can buy cables individually in all sorts of lengths. I would recomend the bluetooth module but not essential. bar end junction box is cleaner but make sure it works with your hars or be prepared to drill a hole. as with most things you tube is your friend
  • ivanoileivanoile Posts: 202
    Thanks for the help. I have 3T combo, but its usual alu, not Di2 ready, so I will go with bars and ties, its not something I will mind I think.

  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 1,962
    If your bar isn’t Di2 ready, just tape the cable using electrical tape before applying bar tape. No need for cable ties. You might want to put it along the back edge of the bar, or close to your brake cable - try to affix it to the bar where you won’t have a tight hold of it whilst riding, or allow the brake cable outer to protect it by placing them close to each other.

  • I personally wouldn't bother with the bar end junction. Sure, it's tidier, but operationally its far trickier than the standard stem-mount version...
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