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Kickr, Windows and ANT+

I'm looking to get a Wahoo Kickr or Kickr Core, and will most likely be using it with Zwift running on my Windows laptop. Now I know you can get an ANT+ dongle for a computer, but as the Kickr connects with both ANT and Bluetooth, is this actually required for connecting the Kickr to Zwift on the PC and allowing the trainer to be controlled by Zwift? Or will the Bluetooth connection work?


  • Bluetooth is all you need. I run a Kickr with Zwift on Windows laptop, Bluetooth only, with no problems at all.
  • Awesome, thanks for clearing that up!
  • Dorset_BoyDorset_Boy Posts: 3,531
    However, bluetooth usually limits the number of devices you can connect to, and will cause issues if you are connected to the wahoo app at the same time as Zwift.
    Ant FEC is far more stable and allows more devices to be paired.
  • I was wondering what the point of the ANT+ dongle was if Bluetooth was all you needed. Maybe it's worth the price for a third party dongle off amazon for the stability. I live in a flat too, and from what I can work out Bluetooth issues tend to arise in areas with loads of RF signals
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 9,325
    I also have my heart rate sensor connected - that seems to be more reliable on ANT+.

    One thing I have done before is run TrainerRoad on my phone with Bluetooth and control of the turbo, and connecting my Kickr to Zwift by ANT with control turned off (purely for recording and visuals). This worked OK until I started getting a lot of dropouts on my phone mid-interval... I think it might work better the other way round but Zwift on my phone obviously looks rubbish. Tried it with mirroring my phone using a Chromecast but you get a lag on the display then.

    As you say, having loads of different signals going on is potentially what did it.

    So my general experience is that ANT+ is more stable... Dongles are hardly that expensive, I bought a Garmin one in 2016 and it is still fine. Cost per hour of use must be fractions of a penny by now!
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