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Riser blocks

I need a new riser block as I've misplaced mine.
Looking on Amazon, they range from £8-£20.
Are some blocks any better than others? I'm thinking not...


  • N0bodyOfTheGoatN0bodyOfTheGoat Posts: 4,395
    edited September 2020 is £5 plus p&p, might work out better value if there's a few other bits you can add to basket, but a recent sale just ended, so generally prices have risen again.

    If you Zwift, you might want to consider the new Elite Sterzo Smart, that allows you to deviate off the standard riding/racing line. But the RRP is £75 and they are tricky to get hold of being so new.

    I've used a hardback book sandwiched between two bits of cardboard for almost three years, very high tech! :D
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  • davidofdavidof Posts: 2,401
    A phone book?
  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,379
    I used to use two offcuts of circa 20mm mdf under the front wheel until the new trainer I bought came with a riser block included.
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,836
    Thanks for the replies.
    I chucked out the old phone books recently although I've got a couple of wooden blocks lying around I could use :smile: Don't need anything from planet x...yet so I could always hang on for a bit.

    The dumb sterzo isn't much more than the expensive blocks, the smart one sounds good although I don't know if it would add much enjoyment for me, especially if you can't crash out on corners if you get it wrong.
  • bobmcstuffbobmcstuff Posts: 9,306
    I use a particularly nasty saddle that I don't get on with, the rails are a good width to keep the front wheel in line...
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