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New vitus energie vr

After recent posts I put on here about caad 12 I’ve gone the opposite and bought a vitus energie vr I had the energie last year inherent with apex group set in size large well my new one came today same size as my old one but it seems smaller I’ve got about 2 inches more of seat post out than my green apex model i thought they may have sent me a medium by mistake but the frame has got large on it I measured from seat tube centre to top tube centre and I’m getting 5700mm which is a medium also the bars are not flared like the 2019 apex model and not as wide can anyone shed some light on this am I going mad as both bikes on paper have same geometry


  • Sorry I meant seat tube centre to head tube centre at 570mm not 5700
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,538
    What are the comparable measurements on your existing bike? Could be one or other has been mis-labled.
    When you look on the Vitus website they do not describe the bikes in Medium and Large terminology. They have 50, 51.5, 54.5 and 58cm which I guess equates to S,M,L and XL.

    The figures they quote are for an effective top tube ie the horizontal distance between the head tube and a projected centre line of the seat tube. I think you have been measuring the length along the sloping top tube. Try to measure the effective TT on both your bike and see how they compare
  • The green bike in the pic has gone I sold it on my new one the bars are completely different there not flared and are a lot narrower. I’ve just checked and it certainly does have a L. Painted in the bottom of the seat tube so it’s large on the wiggle website it does say Xs right through to xl I’m wondering we the the head tube isn’t as tall because there’s a definite increase in seat post height than on my green one the new one feels like a different bike more road than cx if that makes sense
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