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Soggy Thursday nightride day.



  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,630
    hopkinb said:

    I always just hire a car or take a taxi.

    Cheers Pinno. Going to order a 56 and 58, see which fits. I favour a smaller frame. More exciting, risk of it breaking under me.

    I don't know if the CAAD13 is the same as the CAAD12, but I found the 12 seems a bit large. Definitely see if you can try one out for size first.
  • step83step83 Posts: 4,169
    Hayden, sorted your bridge problems out

  • hopkinbhopkinb Posts: 7,129
    tlw1 said:

    pinno said:

    hopkinb said:

    ....while Mrs H³...

    How is Mrs H³ anyhoo?

    She’s all good ;)

    She is hobbling about the place. Very much on the mend. Still a while before fully mobile though.
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