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New SRM Origin with PC8 -> Powermeter not calibrated

Hi there, just unpacked and installed a SRM Origin and paired it with the PC8 headunit. After pairing it says "Powermeter not calibrated". Power readings seem to be ok. Anyone has seen this before?



  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,638
    have you got the pc8 set for auto-zero? should be default though

    it needs zero torque to do a zero, you can also trigger it manually

    if you've not read through the full pc8 manual, it's here...
    ...see page 12 for full info on zero offset

    check all your firmware is up to date install the srm application on mac/pc and it'll let you check/update the pc8

    there is a recent post on the srm forum about calibration failure that refers to possible firmware issue

    you'll need to register to access the forum

    best to use a browser that translates as a lot of posts are in italian

    if you can't get it sorted out, post a question in the pc8 section, simone is very helpful, though christmas hols may mean you have to wait a while
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