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Planet X Exo TT frame XL - for 196cm guy?

tranzidenttranzident Posts: 1
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Hi everyone.
Will Planet X Exo3 XL fit my height - I'm 196cm tall, 91cm leg.
Any tall users of this frame in XL size? What's your opinion? Is it optimal, too small, good for bikefitting?
I've used Felt DA 2014 60cm and It fits me well. In comparation Exo3 has a little smaller geometry. But I want to ask your advice and experience, thanks for answers.


  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    The Exo3 geometry is a bit different than an equivalent road bike. Even the small would be a bit of a stretch for me and would need an XS. If you can find an Exo3 in decent nick is your other problem as PX no longer stock it or spares, other than the few bits they have left lying about. At 196cm, i'd say you'd be ok with the XL.

    I was lucky getting hold of a used Exocet 2 frame that was in a bit of a state (looked like it had been used on a downhill MTB trail through a mud bath and left to bake in its own filth as the internal cable tubes were all blocked with mud) but it had the elusive rear brake clamp that is often missing. The Exo3 uses different brakes so not a problem for you.
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