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New voodoo Bizango play in headset ?

Just picked up a voodoo Bizango. When off the bike and I press the front brake and rock it front and back there seems to be slight play? Not sure if this is normal feels like it’s coming from the headset to fork area? Wouldn’t say it’s massive just rather get it sorted if there’s an issue.




  • figbatfigbat Posts: 680
    If it’s the headset, it’s a 20 second job to tighten it. Or it could be brake caliper mounting bolts or loose brake pads. Probably the headset though.
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  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,365
    Turn the bar 90 degrees and rock it back and forward again. If there's still movement, it's the headset. If not, it's the brake. This can be the pads moving slightly in the caliper (which is normal), or the caliper could be loose.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,652
    You can usually detect were the play is coming from by rocking the front of the bike with the brakes as you have done but watching each area in turn. Its usual to have some deflection in the fork stantions doing this, but not physical movement between individual parts.
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