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Kona Libre ALtyres advice please.

Hi all,

I’m new here and fairly new to cycling in general so if I ask a question with an obvious answer, please be kind!

I’m looking at buying the new Kona Libre AL with its 45 mm smooth tyres.

I’d rather have a narrower, knobblier tyre like the Schwalbe G-One 38 or the WTB Riddler 37.

Can anybody please advise me if these tyres will be suitable for the Libre AL’s rims?

Thanks for your help...and understanding.


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,465
    Can only see some vague views of the rims in the pics, but it looks as though a narrower tyre should fit ok..
  • Slightly puzzled by your wish for narrower, knobbly tyres.
    I'd just use the ones it comes with, 37mm Riddlers won't be much different to 45mm ones.
  • Thanks imposter2.0.

    The rims it comes with are these:

    WTB KOM Light Team i25 TCS rims.

    I mistakenly thought the tyres on the bike were wide slicks.

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