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Canyon H31 Bars


I'm looking to upgrade the bars on my Canyon Ultimate and I like the look of these but I have a question about compatability with my current setup. I currently have this stem and my steerer tube is cut right down with no spacers left. Based on the information on the site it is difficult to understand whether these new bars have a "taller stem" and would need more steerer tube than I have left to be fit. Does anyone know whether I could fit these or not?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,846
    I've got the H36 cockpit here and the stem height is approx 36-37mm. H31 is probably same/similar, although I couldn't be 100% certain.
  • Thanks for this - I'll need to measure my current stem tomorrow I think to see if it will work

    How do you find the H36?
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