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Deciding on an e-MTB

jlammyjlammy Posts: 43
edited November 2019 in MTB buying advice
I'm currently looking for a new e-mtb. I currently ride a CUBE Reaction Hybrid Race 500 2019, and I've been looking for a full suspension upgrade.

I'm currently looking at these two:

SPECIALIZED Turbo Levo Expert Carbon 2020:

TREK Rail 9.8:

Are there any other e-bikes I should look at within this price-range?


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 1,927
    edited November 2019
    I doubt that you are going to get much informed advice on buying an emtb on an mtb forum. Some members ride both or have recently converted to emtb. But the best place to get informed advice is on the website dedicated to emtbs in all their variety. I can recommend it as I use it almost daily. :)

    PS: In the price range you are looking at, the world is your oyster. It will only be the boutique brands that will require more cash, or the pointlessly bling versions of more mainstream bikes.

    There is so much more to think about with emtbs than mtbs that you really do need to take some proper advice. I'll give you one example: Ease of removal of the battery?

    Some bikes have batteries that cannot be removed outside of a car crash or a workshop. These make the bikes lighter, sleeker, stronger, and all round better looking. But if you stay overnight on any of your away days, how do you persuade your landlady to let your muddy bike into the hallway for charging? If you don't go away, then it's not a problem! Has the place where you store the bike got power? If not then how are you going to charge the battery?

    There is a lot more like this that you need to be thinking about that the first time emtb buyer may not have considered. You will find this stuff and more on the emtb website. :)
  • doomanicdoomanic Posts: 246
    This is the sweet spot for Levos; it's not worth spending the extra on the Carbon unless you absolutely must have Fox suspension.

    The Rail should be a great bike, I haven't ridden one, yet, but the new Gen 4 Bosch motor is good in the Whyte and there's no reason it won't be in the Rail.

    The Whytes are very nice too.
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