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Touch up paint

Hi all and thanks for allowing me to join your site. I have an old Raleigh Inferno All Terrain bike which I bought back in the 1990s and it stood for a while in the shed unused when I bought a new one. I liked the bike so much for nostalgia reasons as well as it still being an excellent bike. I did it up to go back on the road but I have been unable to access the colour of the frame which is a red, Raleigh cant help and Halfords weren't really sure so I am at a loss now. I thought it would be easy but as I have no way of knowing what the colour is, and Raleigh wont tell me does anyone have any suggestions please? I looked on Raleigh's site and saw a road bike new which was Rose Red in colour which looked just like my old bike colour but cant find it? Many thanks Harry


  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 1,947
    Have you thought of using a colour match service such as this one;

    They use a spectrometer to analyse a sample and then mix a sample for you. There will be many available, even a spray shop somewhere near you might be able to do this.

  • Hi,
    Similar thought to PP above. I’ve used ChipsAway a national mobile car repair firm for a paint repair on my wife’s car. I was dead impressed as the chap scanned the colour and then matched the colour and made up the colour‘ on the spot’. Dead impressive. He said they don’t use colour codes etc any more. Even better the scan accounts for any fading of the paintwork too so you get an exact match. As PP said someone locally must be using this technology if you want an exact match. Not sure how much it would cost of course. The car repair was very reasonable.
    A google of ‘ bicycle resprays’ also came up with a good list of companies who do this. Again not sure how much! - but another thought.
  • Ever considered a complete respray? I did mine using and was really easy. £30 and a few hours of elbow grease for sanding

  • I've had really good results with Spray.Bike paint as well - way better than the rattle cans of the 80's
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