Cycle carrier confusion!

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I bought the Mebano Brio roof bars from Lidl. From what I can gather they are 50mm wide and they have T track fixing?!?!

I'm looking at what cycle carriers I can put on it. At the minute I dont seem to be able to find any? Most say max width 45mm and any that I think will fit it won hold a big enough tyre. Bit frustrating.

Anybody have these bars? What carrier do you use with it? Or anybody make to offer any suggestions?



  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,415
    Just buy a cycle carrier that uses T-track fittings. Most makes should fit.
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    I currently use Thule 598 racks and they take the 2.4 tyres no problem.
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  • concordeconcorde Posts: 1,111
    I bought a Thule freeride 532 in the end as I know they take larger tyres and have T Track. Turns out the T track bits that come with the carrier are too big for the slots in my rack. Can still attach it using the under rail attachment.

    Anyone know if you can buy smaller T track parts?
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