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Changing Front Chain Rings & Rear 7 Speed Cassette

TBerkTBerk Posts: 10
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I've three in the front & seven gears on the rear wheel.

In the last two years I've replaced (the chain and) a broken rear derailleur with a Shimano:

Tourney 6/7 Speed SIS Index

The front derailleur was missing when I got the frame from a friend, It's a Rocky Mountain btw.
(I haven't looked hard enough yet to find a good FD that fits the tube size...)

In the next phase of rebuilding, I'm looking to replace the Cassette as I can see the teeth are worn down, and the chain jumps something alfull when going over bumps and/or under high torque pedaling.

I want to keep the existing rim, which I bought new around the Holidays.

I've been riding most all my life but never really got too far past keeping air in the tires & the chain good and greasy.

Doing a quick Google search found me this: ... d-Cassette

a Shimano 7 speed, but I'm not sure how to determine if it's compatible with what I already have,
that and I'd really like to increase the Granny Gear action of the largest, if not the two largest gears.

I know enough to know I don't know enough...


  • TBerkTBerk Posts: 10
    quick update: I'm going to take some time Sunday and count cogs, document model numbers, take some pictures, etc...
  • TBerkTBerk Posts: 10
    I didn't really count them all but I think my front end has a 22/32/42 & the rear has a 1st gear w/ 30 teeth... I'd like to go bigger w/ 32 or 34 teeth back there.
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