Nukeproof Scout/Bossnut Evo or 2nd hand Orange 5

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I am looking for a new MTB as unfortunately my much loved and ridden Orange EVO2 developed a crack in the rear stay.

I have up to £1k to spend (or a little more if worth it) on a new bike. I had been deciding between a hardtail and full sus and I know at that pricepoint, a hardtail generally will be better specced, but have always liked the idea of a full sus (especially if I can lock it out if possible when I ride on road to and from the offroad riding).

My riding is mainly singletrack and x-country, but I'd also use it commuting as I love that mountain bikes can handle absolutely any weather/condition and I can go on and off road wherever I want to.

The choice I have is do I go for a new bike (being either a hardtail Nukeproof Scout (which seems to get great reviews) or the new bossnut (which also had good reviews for the older model) or do I go 2nd hand for something like the Orange 5 (which being a fan of orange bikes, I've always loved the Orange 5). I can get a fairly decent Orange 5 2nd hand for that price which should have a higher spec than the other 2 bikes, but obviously will be a bit older.


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    I wouldn’t personally buy a secondhand Orange with no warranty given their reputation for cracking (as you have already experienced too).

    Nukeproof Scout is a lot of fun for a hardtail - I think they do it in 29er or 27.5 - I’d be tempted to go 29er for an all round trip bike.

    The Bossnut here good reviews and the new one has a hydroformed downtube and looks a lot nicer than previously models. It looks like it might have more standover room too - as long as you’re not bothered by the weight I’d be tempted to try one of those.
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    Personally Id go for this Vitus if you can stretch it financially ... prod173159
  • Have a look at Sonder Evol.. hell of a bike
  • I'm not sure the Vitus has a lockout?
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    katoosh wrote:
    I'm not sure the Vitus has a lockout?
    It has. Rockshox Revelation fork.
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