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Singlespeed on a budget

keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
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We have what was originally a Peugeot Triathlon from the 80s I believe. Bodged it up to get No. 1 son into road bikes then he moved on to newer, lighter things. I then rejigged it as a flat bar singlespeed by losing the outer chainring and tensioning the chain on the 16t sprocket of the freewheel just by sliding the wheel in the semi-horizontal dropouts. This was meant to have been for No. 2 son's utility bike for shopping / pub trips in London, but he then decided he had nowhere to keep it :roll: So it sat unloved in the garage.

My sister and her husband are visiting; caravan parked somewhere local, and they have a couple of folding bikes so I suggested a ride out to a pub. Anxious not to intimidate them with lycra, clippy shoes and carbon fibre I donnned civilian clothes and leapt aboard the pub bike.

Well, what a pleasure it was! I found it really liberating not having gears to worry about, and a bit zen-like climbing hills slowly but surely. And there is definitely something different about the ride quality of a steel frame.

I'm thinking I might convert it properly to a drop barred singlespeed for my own use...


  • lemonenemalemonenema Posts: 211
    Ive met a few people who singlespeed even 'up north' on proper 'ills
    Its not for me but I would do it for city riding for sure
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