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timboellistimboellis Posts: 222
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I am about to buy a new Canyon Endurace CF SL di2 , currently have the 105 version so upgrading however before i press the buy button any suggestions on other bikes i might have overlooked, looking for Di2 / endurance bike not too keen on full on race bikes.


  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,459
    Difficult to answer this without knowing what bikes you discounted in arriving at the Canyon.


    If you went straight to the Canyon then there may be several dozen or hundred alternatives which you have overlooked.
  • timboellistimboellis Posts: 222
    I already have a Canyon Endurace CF SL but a 105 , looking for a new bike for sportives and casual riding, discs and 28 wheels are preferred.
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,341
    Rose X-Lite Four (Ultegra Di2 ) fits your criteria. ... ing-Yellow

    £2722 in the standard specification but you can opt for a wheel upgrade if you want although the 2 options available would take it above your budget.

    I have the 105 version and I really rate it. ~6.8kg for the 57cm version. Will easily take 28mm tyres without mudguards.
  • timboellistimboellis Posts: 222
    Thanks for the suggestions, ended up with a deal on a Ultimate CF SLX
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