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Looking for a Danish/Swedish cyclist's help :)

IrishMacIrishMac Posts: 328
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Hey all,

I'm doing a faux marketing campaign for a Uni project.

It's about creating an advertising campaign for an English company in a foreign market, luckily I can do it for a cycling company :D

I'm targeting Denmark, Sweden and maybe Finland too.

I've two questions for anyone that could help and I've listed them below :)

My first questions would be if there's is worthy amount of people in each country willing to buy off of an English language-site? I've been researching levels of English and internet use and it certainly seems possible?
If Danes/Swedes read/navigate English sites; do they use English search terms in Google? Or use their own language?

Secondly; I need some keywords translated to guide advert design/bidding.
What do Danes/Swedes call:
Thermal/winter jerseys and tights

I've tried the Google Translate route; but fear literal translations might not work...

Thanks a million for the help,
Cormac :D:D
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