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rear wheel 126mm spacing

stefanostefano Posts: 254
edited March 2019 in Road buying advice
Hello, anyone knows where I can buy a rear wheel or a set for 126mm rear spacing?
I do not what to stretch the frame and fit a 130mm wheel, I prefer to find one with 126mm spacing. Any ideas where to buy?
many thanks!


  • When rear dropout spacing was 120mm OLD which used to be pretty much 3 speed hub gears and 5 speed freewheels they decided to create a new rear dropout spacing of 126mm to accommodate 6 speed freewheels with the same cog spacing as 5 speed just with an extra gear so no reduction in gear changing reliability but when they created 7 speed freewheels they reduced the cog spacing so pretty much the same dropout spacing could be used hence why 7 speed freewheels are often not quite as good at shifting as 6 speed. I'm guessing the 7 speed freehub is also on the same dropout spacing as this. So what you are basically requesting is a rear wheel for either a 6/7 speed freewheel or a freehub limited to a maximum of 7 gears. I think if you are hoping to use a 8 speed or more cassette you will need to increase the dropout spacing.

    Alternatively you can get more closely spaced freewheels with 8, 9 or 10 gears but that is a poor quality option with lower shifting reliability and weaker parts and they may still require larger dropout spacing anyway I'm unsure about that.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Have a look here You'll still need the 126OLN hub of course - you'll probably not be able to buy a decent wheel from stock like that, but have a chat with Malcolm (thecycleclinic), I'm sure he'd be able to advise, source and build a wheel for you, depending on what gearing you intend to use.
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