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Cycling in paphos

markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,079
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I am off to cyprus in the summer and want to take my bike for 2 weeks,whats it like for cycling around that area?
Any routes of any interest?
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  • Ricky hRicky h Posts: 119
    It will be very hot and unless you ride at sunrise or are acclimatised like a local, you will find it a challenge.
    The coastal rode towards episkopi is great because there's a parallel motorway that sucks up traffic and you can detour to places like pissouri by the coast or head up into the hills at Kouklia. Technically you could ride up to Troodos but it would be a phenomenal effort to do it in the heat. All in all there's some good cycling out there, a bit of a local scene too but heat will be the challenge
  • yiannismyiannism Posts: 345
    I live in Cyprus, (Nicosia), and if you are here from the middle of July until to the end of August is really hot even for us. Now as far as about routes they are plenty, one is already suggested going to Pissouri or even Limassol, its pretty flat, but if you want to enjoy cycling you have to go to the mountains, but its really tough. You can go to Polis Chrysochou and then from there you will love every minute, going to Kikkos monastery, Kampos tis Tsakkistras, even Pyrgos Tyllirias, but be ready for a lot of climbing.

    If you need more info just send me a PM, i will glad to help.
  • markyonemarkyone Posts: 1,079
    Thanks guys i know its going to be hot so i will head out early am.
    I can mix it up a bit but would like to do some climbs,but also dont want to be out for hours max about 3/4.
    Colnago c60 Eps super record 11
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