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Dolan Freccia

Darrell31367Darrell31367 Posts: 24
edited March 2019 in Road general
I’m new here and I’m a recent convert to cycling. I’ve got a couple of road bikes and I’ve just been given the chance to buy a Dolan Freccia aero TT frame. It’s NOS, never been used and finished in satin black. It’s 8-9 years old and I reckon I can get it for around the £150 mark.
Question is though can I run it as a normal road bike?? Every photo I’ve seen of this particular frame has it built up as a TT bike with the daft handlebars.



  • shirley_bassoshirley_basso Posts: 4,694
    Probably not, to be honest. There are some you can bodge into an aero road bike, but ultimately it's an uncomfortable compromise.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,408
    If you say you've got 'a couple of road bikes' already - why the need to build an unsuitable TT frame into yet another road bike. Why not build it as a TT bike?

    Either way, the head tube will likely be far too short for 'normal' road use..
  • Imposter,
    Thanks for the brief explanation into the difference. I didn’t know a TT bike has got a very short head tube.

    For the record, I just fancy building up an aero bike because I really like the look of them.
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