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Jockey Wheel replacement issue?

pete1336pete1336 Posts: 84
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Hi all, I've just changed both jockey wheels on my rear mech. The new ones didn't come with any metal protective type case which the original ones had . Consequently, you can see in the picture that the red coloured cartridge bearing (of the new wheels) is exposed to the elements. Being exposed to my mind is bad as dirt and grime etc will find it easier to get in. These are the first jockey wheels I've changed so I'm unsure if they should have had the metal protective cover or whether there are some types of jockey wheel which don't have them.

The silver metal protective things over the original jockey wheels are below




  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,950
    Those are sealed bearings, so no other cover is needed..
  • The red part is actually the seal and should make it maintenance free as long as it's decent quality. A number of aftermarket jockey wheel mfrs. do this. Ride it and enjoy not having to take it apart to clean and lube. Not likely you'll have to but if the lube happens to wear out before the teeth you can just pry off the seal with a thin blade, flush out the bearings, apply grease and install the seals.
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,950
    pete1336 wrote:
    The silver metal protective things over the original jockey wheels are below

    Those covers are there to protect the bushes which the original jockey wheels run on. Not an issue with the new sealed bearing items...
  • Many thanks, case closed ;-)
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