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Best replacement for leaky shimano M447 calipers

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Hello. Can anyone recommend a replacement caliper for my Shimano M447 calipers? Not high end, just something that will fit the existing rotors and hoses etc. The compatibility of various parts is baffling me.
My bike is little more than 2 years old and this is the second time I am faced with replacing both calipers due to leaking around the pistons, only having wasted many sets of pads until I realised the cause. Last time I just bought some from Evans and it was an easy change but I am loathed to do the same again, and it is a pita to take the bike to Evans to be looked at for warranty. Out of interest I took them apart, including removing the pistons, cleaned and lubricated and they looked perfect, but still leaked. The reason I don't want to spend too much is that just about every other Shimano drive train component was also knackered and needed replacement - it would almost have been better to sell it and buy a new one on cycle to work. It's a Go Outdoors Bossnut.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Has to be Shimano. So not a whole lot of choice.
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  • FRAJFRAJ Posts: 5
    Hi. Yes, has to be shimano but which one? It seems m447 is not stocked much anymore, possibly replaced?
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,751
    Just get a Deore caliper.
    You can buy one for £20-ish.
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  • swod1swod1 Posts: 1,639
    JBA wrote:
    Just get a Deore caliper.
    You can buy one for £20-ish.

    yep just buy a deore caliper and a bleed kit and swap them over.

    i had a shimano m446 brakes on an old trek which leaked around the caliper piston. Not had any trouble with a pair of xt brakes i bought as an upgrade, they've been on 3 bikes since. think they use a ceramic piston.
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