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Paypal/Ebay Help

KevinAKevinA Posts: 492
edited July 2018 in The bottom bracket
I have refunded an item that someone bought from me on ebay but doesn't fit them.

I have logged onto my PayPal account and as I withdrew the money the balance is 0 - I have my bank account linked to the PayPal account so will the refund come straight from my bank or do I have to add my the money to my PayPal account?



  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 9,847
    If the bank account is verified by PayPal they will take the funds from that. I linked mine to my credit card for extra peace of mind.
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  • KevinAKevinA Posts: 492
    Yeah as far as I know its linked - I pay for things through PayPal via my account (ebay)

    Just wasn't sure if a refund would work the same way
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