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Ode to My Bike

rcaldwrcaldw Posts: 2
edited June 2018 in Road buying advice
Happy with what I've done, so wanted to post about it. Not offended by those who may think I didn't do so well, happy to hear from you as well. So, here's what I've done.

Bought a Fuji Grand Fondo Classico 1.1:
Carbon frame/fork
Ultegra 8000 shifters, derailleurs, with Oval crankset, Tektro brakes, etc. ($1699.00)

Bought it at Performance Bike with triple points and converted those points so that I was able:
Replace the wheelset with Reynolds R4 Carbon
Replace the crankset and brakes with full Ultegra 8000 components.

Result: Full Carbon, Carbon wheels, complete Ultegra 8000 components, totaling about $2400.00


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