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rockshox revelation 2016

stiffler83stiffler83 Posts: 6
edited June 2018 in MTB general
Hello everyone.

ive got a set of 2016 rockshox revelation forks with the A3 body according to SRAM
Im wanting to service them. Rockshox provided me with the correct service kit part number so I have that already purchased and ive got the oils.
My problem is im not sure on the quantities of the oils as I cannot find a service guide on the SRAM website going later than 2013 apart from the 2018 model which I know is a different fork.
Thing is I have a set of the 2013 forks and although similar solo air models they are, the damper is different
ie silver knob on top compared to black knob on top
So I want to know if the service guide and OIL QUANTITIES are the same from 2013 to 2017 or if there is a reference guide for oil quantities somewhere I can consult.



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