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lapierre Zesty Carbon 514 rare shock e:i

B_The_BikerB_The_Biker Posts: 36
edited May 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
I have a Lapierre Zesty 514 Carbon that originally has an electronic rear shock (e.i. System), but I’ve purchased it with a rockshox monarch plus fitted instead. My question is, would it be worth me purchasing the e.i. System that fox and Lapierre designed for the suspension or will I be wasting my money on nothing


  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    There have been a few attempts at electronic shocks, e. g. k2/proflex but I've never seen nor ridden one.

    Because they are not common place, my gut feel is that it is a solution to a problem that can be solved much cheaply and reliably by other means, the battery running out of power would be a concern, and possibly availability and cost of spares.

    I would not worry about the bike not being as per original spec but it really boils down to cost, how much are you talking about? By all means try it if you think the cost is not prohibitive, and if you do, report back
  • B_The_BikerB_The_Biker Posts: 36
    I’ll price it up when I get a chance
  • B_The_BikerB_The_Biker Posts: 36
    Looked into it an it’s not worth the money circa £200, but I am thinking of fitting a 27.5” wheel to the front fork of it’s possible? The fork is a Fox Float 32 CTD Evolution 150mm and looks like it would snugly fit a 650b wheel into it? Anybody know if that fork is 27.5” compatible?
    Any info at all would be a help
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