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Garmin Vector 2 calibration

ben@31[email protected] Posts: 2,322
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I've just got back from holiday and after taking my bike out of its bike box, I've refitted my Garmin Vector 2 pedals.
I used a torque wrench to 37.5Nm (which is bang in the middle of the tolerance).
Every other time I've fitted them, the first time I sync them with my Garmin 520 it goes through 3 stages of setting up...
- type in the crank length
- cycle a short distance usually 100 metres at a cadence of 80 or 90rpm
- the usual Vector Calibration screen that appears before each ride

However this time, the stage where it asks you to cycle a short distance at the set cadence no longer appears

After going out for a ride, I'm concerned they're over-reading.

If I delete the Vector 2 pedals from the 520 and try to re-sync them again. I still can't get that setup stage to appear.

I'm I missing something? Or has this setup stage been removed after a software update ?

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  • jgsijgsi Posts: 5,027
    Overreading? Great time to be on Zwift then...

    take the batteries out as well as taking the pedals off.. if you use a laptop with Vector Updater, you should get a fresh setup prompt
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