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Trek vs. Felt

jacksoneakerjacksoneaker Posts: 60
edited March 2018 in MTB buying advice
So, I’ve out grown my current race bike. Time to start looking around for a new one.

Currently, I’m liking the Trek Top Fuel 8, an aluminum XC bike with a 2x drivetrain. Also in the running, is the 2018 Felt Edict 5, with a carbon frame, and a 1x drivetrain.

I’m coming off eagle, and see the 1x as a plus, but am worried about the weight of the felt, and whether that is just the heavy fork and wheels, or the frames weigh the same.

It’s only a $400 dollar difference, large compared to the prices, but seemingly a small jump to get to full carbon.

Any help appreciated :)

Top fuel: ... Code=black

Edict: ... 1/10173403


  • slc123slc123 Posts: 407
    I quite like the look of the Trek, seems like a fairly good component setup. The felt gives you a little bit more travel and like you said the 1x and the carbon frame. Although the 1x on the Felt is the NX, which is the entry level whereas I would say the SLX sits between the NX and GX in terms of performance, so all in all better.

    I can't see that the forks would add that much weight, they are both 32mm and the wheels are only slightly wider on the Felt. Interestingly the weight on the Felt doesn't tell you which size, whereas the Trek is for the 17.5 frame.

    For me there isn't much in terms of spec between the two but given the $400 difference and apparent no weight saving on the Felt, I would go with the Trek. Better looking in my opinion too.
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