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Rockshox rs 1

02gf7402gf74 Posts: 1,168
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Anyone own a bike with rockshox rs 1 forks?

What s the scoop, better than standard forks, lighter? Stiffer?

Having stanchions lower down are they susceptible to more wear due to mud on them?

How about the hubs, does it limit wheel choice?

Any other info. appreciated


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,758
    A Friend has a bike on RS1

    Better, a yes with the caveat that they are better for somethings and worse for others, for fast but tech XC work they excel, for fast non tech use a SID, for rougher stuff something bigger (obviously).

    Not noticeably no, in fact if anything they stay cleaner as most muck that gets on the stanchions comes from the front tyre which sprays muck either onto the back of conventional stanchions or in front of the bike which the bike then rides into.

    It limits hub choice, but you can build any rim (right spoke count) onto the available hubs of course.

    He likes it, for and aft stiffness is noticably better than a SID and thats how it excels in tech stuff, its less stiff in twist but that doesnt seem an issue and is a maybe over rated characteristic, his has the X-loc damper and for tech XC type riding that is fine, he has his setup the same as I had my SID which is minimum blow off locked so you can ride 'locked' more of the time.
  • Juraj1711Juraj1711 Posts: 29
    It’s a nice fork.
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