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Need help with bottom bracket and axle

mtbrider123mtbrider123 Posts: 101
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Hi Guys,

I currently have a Pinarello Dogma F10, so the bottom bracket is Italian threaded. It is running a Quarq GXP powermeter. I am getting and SRM origin BB30 and Rotor ITA30 cups. Will the new setup fit my bike? Some people say that I can install these cups into my frame with the srm bb30, and some people say that it won’t work. I would appreciate any help regarding this.

These are the links to the photos of the cups:

Thank you


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,872
    afaik the rotor cups are designed for rotor's ubb cranksets which have a longer axle than standard bb30

    i.e. they won't work with a standard bb30 crankset, the bb will be too wide

    if you want the srm origin, simplest is to get the 24mm axle version and fit a standard shimano/whatever 24mm bb, or if you've already got one with the 30mm axle, buy a 24mm axle and swap it over

    scientific coaching can probably source the axle if you need
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