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Aaaaargh. Upgrades!!

kieran240885kieran240885 Posts: 36
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Hey, really simple one this. As stated before, I’m fairly new to this. I have a 2017 carrera virtuoso. Very happy with it but looking to upgrade a few components. Two things: firstly is it worth upgrading anything or just buying a better bike? Secondly, if it is worth spending a little on upgrades where would you start.
Been looking at lighter stems, seat posts etc. Obvs wheels are out cos they’re so expensive.
Thanks for helping a noob.


  • davisdavis Posts: 2,505
    Wheels are generally the best upgrade to *start* with.

    However, you said you're very happy with it. What about it do you want to improve?

    Honestly it's not a great spec bike. I'd leave it as-is over winter and save up for something shiny if it was my money.
    Sometimes parts break. Sometimes you crash. Sometimes it’s your fault.
  • Yeah that’s kinda what I’ve been thinking.

    Until then I was just thinking of tarting it up really. Like I said new stem, new seat post, that sort of thing. Maybe just to even “make it mine” rather than be stock. Maybe even get the (hefty) weight down a little.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 9,845
    If your looking at the TCR have a look at these. As already mentioned wheels are the usual upgrade option and saddles but they're a more personalized upgrade. ... lack_37208 ... een_371602
    Worth looking at last year's models and ex demo models. Picked my defy up for a song last year as a one use demo bike. Rutland also sell a fair few team bikes as well.
    Use the Carrera as a wet / winter bike with mudguards if they can be fitted.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    You're not going to make any noticeable difference with stems and seatpost - it's just lost money.

    I'd look at better tyres first gp4000s are my faves.

    The bike is fine but you'll not turn it into a pro tour bike.

    Change stuff if it breaks but otherwise save up for an upgrade.

    It's not about the bike though - it's the heart lungs and legs.
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,983
    Agree. Tyres are best place to start.
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  • Again I’d always go with tyres as the best upgrade at this price point. Followed by saddle mainly for comfort. Stock saddles on some bikes can be terrible . More comfortable you are the more you’ll ride. It’s also something you can transfer from bike to bike if you do decide to upgrade and you find one that suits you.
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