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125 to 150 dropper advice

kesterkester Posts: 79
edited March 2018 in MTB general

I’m in need of a new dropper post after my one has died and is going to cost £120 to repair. I’m looking at getting a 150mm reverb that is 440mm long, my current x-fusion is 125mm with 420mm length. I ride with 60mm extra of my seatpost on top of the 125mm out of the seat tube so the extra 25mm of drop won’t affect me when on flats/climbs.

Added a photo for guidance. (Can’t take a better photo as bike is in shop)


What im worried about is having the full 150mm in the drop position could this bottom out on my seat tube/frame and cause any damage??

I would get another 125mm post but many companies dont seem to do anything in the 420mm post length, all seem to be closer to 390mm and due to my long legs that would put the post under the min inset line.

Cheers in advance.


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