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9100 Dura Ace groupset chain appears to be 10 speed

mightymidgetmightymidget Posts: 74
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Sorry, second attempt at posting this, originally posted by mistake in the CX forum :oops: :oops:

Hi all,

I’ve been having issues with the 2nd gear skipping on my new 9100 di2 groupset. Bought it as a complete group from Evans and it came with a hg-901-11 boxed chain. However upon closer inspection of the chain I noticed that on every second or third link that it has the number ‘10’ stamped on the outer link plates. The only reason I can think it would have that would be to indicate that it’s a 10 speed chain.

Strangely on some of the links it has CN-HG901 engraved and I’m pretty certain that they didn’t do a ten speed chain in that version numbering.

So I’m totally confused, the chains box is a new 11 speed box, the chain has ‘10’ stamped on the links but also has an 11 speed model markings. Am I going mad.... either the ‘10’ engraving means something else or I have a weird mashup chain. I’ve searched the internet for every picture I can find of both Shimano 10 and 11 speed chains and I can’t find a single picture that matches my chains markings.

Anybody else out there with a di2 9100 group with the same chain? Or maybe know why the number 10 would be stamped on the links of a hg-901 chain?

Any advice appreciate.

Kind Regards Andy.
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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Just saw a photo of the hg-901-11 speed chain and it also has some of the links with a "10" on them so you do have the correct 11sp chain.
  • The chain in my 105 groupset also has 10 stamped on some links. It confused me for a while but I did check and it was 11 speed. No idea what the 10 refers to.
  • The chain in my 105 groupset also has 10 stamped on some links. It confused me for a while but I did check and it was 11 speed. No idea what the 10 refers to.
  • Thanks for your replies,

    Evans just got back to me and after checking stock confirmed that they think it’s a 10speed chain that was packaged incorrectly. They’ve shipped me a new chain and dura ace cassette.

    TBH I’m still not sure, however the wear pattern on the cassette would suggest that the chain is to wide. I’m pretty good with maintenance and clean/wax the chain often. I find that once the wax starts to deplete at about 40 Miles then the running becomes very rough, and the chain will try to climb out of gear (especially in the lower 1st and 2nd gears).

    All the symptoms would suggest a 10 speed chain. Weird but at least evans were very quick to respond. It could indeed be a 11 speed chain but I like the fact evans choose to replace and take no risks. Top customer service.

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  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Report back on how the new chain looks and performs. I'm curious about this as to whether your original chain is 11sp or not.
  • New one has different markings (ie no sign of 10), packaging is exactly the same. Unfortunately I've sent the frame and forks back to Parlee to be re-finished so won’t know how the new chain performs until early next year.
    I’ll report back once I know. Cheers Andy
    Fear is your only god. Fear me!!
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